[OpenSCAD] Any where to find the doc for lc-each, lc-else and lc-for-c ?

Ronaldo rcmpersiano at gmail.com
Mon Oct 31 14:50:56 EDT 2016

runsun wrote
> So a legitimate question is: why not just allow the filter 
> (if(B) yyy)
>  in a "cond?~:~" ?

You have answered the question in your preceding message:

runsun wrote
> Re-arranging "if(a==0) a+1" to "a+(if (a==0)1)" and suggesting they are
> the
> same doesn't make any sense at all. If "a" is subject to the conditional
> pick/drop, why would it be placed BEFORE if ? I couldn't ever imagine an
> "if" can simultaneously decide the fate of the code before it (a) and
> after
> it (1). That is a mess-up of scopes and only makes it more confusing.

That is exactly what is happening when you write something like:

> [for (a=A) a % 2 == 0 ? a: if (a!=1) a*10 ]

the filter /if/ *is deciding "the fate of the conditional before it"*. In
fact, the conditional expression above would not act as an expression but as
a filter. And that is confusing!

I agree that is inappropriate to call the construct if-else a filter and
that it is just a conditional that accepts filtering. But it is not
equivalent to ?: because it is not an expression either.

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