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MichaelAtOz oz.at.michael at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 20:57:31 EDT 2016

Comparing Thingiverse thing  Sheriffs Badge
<http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:415487>   in Thingiverse Customizer (TVC)
v's OpenSCAD Customizer (OSC). 

[OpenSCAD version 2016.10.05 (git 4b59170) ]

I'm not sure to what degree they are meant to be compatible so I noted
anything I found below.

a. TVC Underscores in Variable_name are changed to spaces, looks nicer.


a2. The side by side layout allows creative use of name/description, as
above or this use




b. TVC Order of tabs is order in code, allows logical layout.

c. Order of variables in tab is the same, alphabetical. Note I had to name
variables starting with numbers to order them. I think it should be the same
order as code, and suggest Thingiverse change that way. 

d. <oops>

e. TVC stops processing variables at the first non assignment operation, see
'module dummy()' in above Thing, OSC is getting a range of working variables
in the tabs which should not be there, also getting variables from module
parameters. Can't tell where it got 'pi' from - correction - it got it and
other variables from the include <write.scad> ...

(had to stop comparison, TVC is stuffed ATM)

Separate issues:

There is conflict with the scroll wheel between scrolling the customizer
pane, and changing slider values (and up/down, drop-down controls). If when
scrolling the pane, the mouse happens to rest over a slider the scroll wheel
then changes the slider instead of scrolling more. Not sure of best approach
to this, as scrolling the controls could be useful, but when testing I had
many unintentional changes to control values until I worked out what was
going on.

Admin - PM me if you need anything, or if I've done something stupid...

Unless specifically shown otherwise above, my contribution is in the Public Domain; to the extent possible under law, I have waived all copyright and related or neighbouring rights to this work. Obviously inclusion of works of previous authors is not included in the above.

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