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Ronaldo rcmpersiano at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 09:35:39 EDT 2016

I have explored the Customizer mainly to build demos of libraries. And it
does a good job but may be improved. I agree that there is a waste of space
in the customizer window. Any more compact design is welcome. The order of
the parameter is not reasonable: instead of alphabetical it should be the
order of appearance in the program file. The description of a parameter
should be the default: only when it is not available the parameter
identifier would be used. Usually the identifier is not as descriptive and
requires a lot of space. The "Show details" option should be changed

The best window arrangement I found for demos is to overlap the customizer,
editor and console windows:


This is the image of a demo of  my fork of sweep.scad
<https://github.com/RonaldoCMP/list-comprehension-demos>   with this window

I observed an issue when editing fields like the ref_end parameter in the
image, a vector. If you click any of the vector fields to edit it, just
after a character is inserted or deleted, a new preview is done and the
cursor miraculously move to the beginning of the first field. That is
annoying and seems to be a bug. It would be better to require an ENTER to
end the editing mode and produce a preview.

I have explored the customizer only in a Windows 7 environment. 

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