[OpenSCAD] GSoC OpenSCAD project

Torsten Paul Torsten.Paul at gmx.de
Mon Oct 17 06:32:10 EDT 2016

Von: "Amarjeet Kapoor" <amarjeet.kapoor1 at gmail.com>
> > > It'd be better to have a blank description
> > > take zero vertical space.
> > >
> > Already listed in the github issue.
> >
> This is also already done.
Ahh, nice. Can you have a look at the github issue
and click the checkboxes for things that are already

IIRC the "Consider rewriting all use of Expressions
in the customizer to simply use Value objects. That
will make it simpler to deal with literals, as all
Value objects are literals."
is also done?

> > > Clicking to the sides of the slider, ie blue area,
> > > moves the handle way too much in one step. Perhaps
> > > it could be a percentage of the range? Like maybe
> > > 15% steps?
> > >
> > Yep, some percentage sounds good.
> >
> Unable to understand
Have a look at the slider screenshot in the original
post. If the slider is changed not by clicking the
handle and dragging it, but by single clicking in
the areas circled in blue, the slider pages to the
next value. The PageUp/PageDown keys should do the
same. I think Qt calls this pageStep.

> > > The borders of the Customizer pane should align
> > > with the rest, blue/red bits.
> > >
> > Also Yep.
>  >
> Unable to get understand
See the screenshot which highlights the different
window borders (or margins?) in blue (customizer) and
red (other windows). Looks like we currently have much
bigger border configured for the customizer window.


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