[OpenSCAD] GSoC OpenSCAD project

Torsten Paul Torsten.Paul at gmx.de
Mon Oct 17 05:12:14 EDT 2016

Von: MichaelAtOz <oz.at.michael at gmail.com>

> Initial view is that it takes up too much screen
> real-estate, particularly vertically.
Hmm, seems like the font sizes on Windows are wrong, on
Linux the sizes are "normal" like the other UI elements.

Added to https://github.com/openscad/openscad/issues/1781

> Given that the name is bolded it doesn't need to be
> bigger. (red above) And the surrounding whitespace is
> too big.
Also added.

> The vertical spacing, blue marks, should be similar
> in size to the line spacing in the editor. IMO
Hmm, not sure about that, the line spacing in editor
can be separately configured, and matching that seems
a bit strange. It should follow the general GUI though.

> Is the box around each variable necessary?
I think it's useful, but I guess we can experiment when
trying to make the whole display a bit more compact.

> Perhaps "Preset:" could be to the left of the drop-down,
> thus saving that mostly blank line.
That part probably will change a bit anyway. I'm not
yet sure how to best handle the presets and it would
be also useful to add some more info, basically making
the current "preset" file some kind of project file.
(maybe adding some more meta data for the model, like
author, description, license, ...).

> It'd be better to have a blank description take zero
> vertical space.
Already listed in the github issue.

> Clicking to the sides of the slider, ie blue area,
> moves the handle way too much in one step. Perhaps
> it could be a percentage of the range? Like maybe
> 15% steps?
Yep, some percentage sounds good.

> The borders of the Customizer pane should align with
> the rest, blue/red bits.
Also Yep.

> What was the result of the discussion re order of
> the tabs, order in code v's alphabetical?
It's listed in the issue already, I think it might
make sense to support both. Most IDE's do that. I
guess depending on the use case one or the other can
be better. When writing the code yourself, the code
order probably makes more sense, for models made by
someone else with lots of parameters the alphabetical
order could be useful.
In case of huge disagreement, I'd prefer the code
order too :-).


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