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MichaelAtOz oz.at.michael at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 00:43:10 EDT 2016

I've just started fiddling with the Customizer feature. Looking good.

Initial view is that it takes up too much screen real-estate, particularly


Compared to the editor and console the variable description and name are too
Given that the name is bolded it doesn't need to be bigger. (red above)
And the surrounding whitespace is too big.

The vertical spacing, blue marks, should be similar in size to the line
spacing in the editor. IMO
Is the box around each variable necessary?

Perhaps "Preset:" could be to the left of the drop-down, thus saving that
mostly blank line.

Note that the above OpenSCAD window is vertically my whole monitor size, the
small amount of Customizer information that fits is not efficient.

Yes, I know you can collapse the tabs.


It'd be better to have a blank description take zero vertical space.


Clicking to the sides of the slider, ie blue area, moves the handle way too
much in one step. Perhaps it could be a percentage of the range? Like maybe
15% steps?


The borders of the Customizer pane should align with the rest, blue/red


What was the result of the discussion re order of the tabs, order in code
v's alphabetical?
I'd +1 for order in code.

That's my first quick look.

Admin - PM me if you need anything, or if I've done something stupid...

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