[OpenSCAD] Openscad Indirect Functions

adrian adrianh.bsc at gmail.com
Sun Oct 16 12:33:38 EDT 2016

nophead wrote
> Yes that would get my vote. Very simple and powerful while totally
> backwards compatible.
> The "a" example is confusing only because of the nested definitions
> causing
> hiding. Nothing to do with the separate namespaces. It is always obvious
> which of the three namespaces is referenced.

As nested definitions are possible then using a @"" syntax is not advisable
as this would not work in particular contexts:

Or worse, the wrong function could called.

Being able to reference any of the namespaces is only necessary when storing
a reference to it in a definition.  (As does doug.moen, I prefer the use of
'definition' over 'variable' as it's value is not mutable.)  So, it is only
necessary to use a decorator when referencing from one of the other
namespaces.  Doug's suggestion is to use *m$* and *f$* prefixes to
explicitly reference them.  He also stated using *v$* for the
variable/definition namespace, but, IMHO that wouldn't be useful, as this
namespace is used by default when assigning to a definition or passing as a
parameter.  So the above example becomes like this:

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