[OpenSCAD] Severe lag when rotating model in viewing area

Torsten Paul Torsten.Paul at gmx.de
Thu Oct 13 05:19:12 EDT 2016

leebc wrote
> I did try changing the Force Goldfeather and Enable
> for OpenGL 1.x options a few days ago, but it didn't
> seem to help. I'll try it again.
>From what I've read, the Goldfeather algorithm tends to
be a bit slower than the default SCS algorithm, but helps
in some cases of driver issues. This does not seem to
be relevant in this specific case though.

> Can someone point me in a direction I can go to try to
> resolve this issue?
There are two issues related to display performance. One
is caused by changes in the GUI library. This at least
happens for you as the library info shows: 

  Qt version: 5.5.1
  Using QGLWidget

You could try with the nightly builds that still use
Qt4 where that specific issue is not there.

The Debian repository has a version 2015.03-2+dfsg-1
which includes the update for the new Display Widget,
(which would show up as "Using QOpenGLWidget") but is
stuck in the experimental repo for some reason.

The other issue is that the whole display code would
need some improvements to make use of the graphics card
feature available nowdays. I'm not aware someone is
working on that. So if the reason for the slow display
is "simply" a huge amount of vertices, there's no fix
at this time.


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