[OpenSCAD] New version of sweep.scad

Ronaldo rcmpersiano at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 19:22:27 EDT 2016

I have just uploaded a new version of sweep.scad at github as a fork of the
original Oskar Linde's work. This is my first repository in github so I had
doubts if it should be a branch or a fork. It can be found in: 


This library is strongly based on the Oskar Linde's library sweep.scad found


 My work on it was:
      1. incorporate the minimum twist code Oskar Linde posted in the
Openscad Forum 
      2. polishing some functions (simplifying some, allowing tail-recursion
elimination, etc)
      3. include comments
      4. add three helper functions to allow the control of sweep twists:
              - adjusted_rotations(path_transf, angini=0, angtot=0,
              - adjusted_directions(path_transf, v0, vf=undef, turns=0,
              - referenced_path_transforms(path, vref, closed)
      5. include the possibility to the user computation of the path

The last function is a substitute to the original
construct_transform_path(path, closed=false) .
It is useful to constraint the sweep rotations to keep the sections aligned
with a surface normal.

A demo file, SweepDemo.scad, with examples of usage, was also included
exploring the additional functionality I have added to sweep. It is a
parametric code, written to be executed by the Customizer snapshot version

Comments, criticisms, and issue reports are welcome. Good application
examples too.

Have fun.

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