[OpenSCAD] Severe lag when rotating model in viewing area

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Intel video has been problematic. 

Until someone with more direct Intel based experience replies, try setting
Edit/Preferences/Advanced-tab/Force-goldfeather option. 
Tho I think that has more an effect on the graphics looking wrong, but you
never know.

Oh, and posting the content of Help/Library-info will probably help.

leebc wrote
> I've been running the older version of OpenSCAD that came with Ubunti
> 14.04 on an OLDER (10 years old) laptop, and have just switched to Ubuntu
> 16.04 on a "newer" laptop.  I was not experiencing this problem before.
> When I try to drag and rotate an object, there is severe lag in the
> graphical redraw.  On the magnitude of taking 5 seconds to rotate 5
> degrees. and precessing from there, refreshing a new rotation every few
> seconds until it finally catches up with me 30+ seconds later.
> My current setup is:
>      Ubuntu (Lubuntu) 16.04
>      OpenSCAD 2015.03-1 (the Ubuntu package
>      Sony Vaio laptop with 
>           Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics
> Controller [8086:2a42] (rev 07)
> I have looked into the video card, and from what I've found, this should
> use the i915 driver.  Intel releases drivers for this card, and the latest
> version (from this spring) is listed on Intel's site as included in Ubuntu
> 16.04.
> Can someone point me in a direction I can go to  try to resolve this
> issue?
> I really don't think I should be having a worse experience on new system
> with a faster processor, more RAM and a never version of openscad.

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