[OpenSCAD] How can I tell what OpenSCAD is doing?

Ronaldo Persiano rcmpersiano at gmail.com
Mon Oct 10 14:49:21 EDT 2016

2016-10-10 14:31 GMT-03:00 Parkinbot <rudolf at parkinbot.com>:

> Sweep() will connect all polygons into a polyhedron and do the hard work
> for
> you. While this approach is quite mighty, you can only model
> non-self-intersecting extrusions with it. For a donut you'd produce to
> half-donuts and union them together. This is, what I did for the
> Threadings.

You can do a donut with sweep.scad using the parameter closed=true. The
first and last section are matched by its indices. You couldn't model a
Moebius strip with it because the total twist for closed paths is a
multiple of 360.
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