[OpenSCAD] polygon question

Jerry Davis jdawgaz at gmail.com
Sun Oct 9 21:39:27 EDT 2016

I have been using this great program on the web http://daid.eu/~daid/3d/

And it has generated a polygon statement that looks like this:

polygon([[0,16/*1:0,0,0,0*/] ,[0.97,16.38] ,[1.98,16.65] ,[3.06,16.83]
,[4.08,16.89] ,[5.18,16.83] ,[6.21,16.65]
,[7.28,16.32],[8,16/*1:-4,2,2,2*/] ,[8.09,14.94] ,[7.61,13.98]
,[7.14,13.06] ,[6.64,12.14] ,[6.13,11.23],[6,11],[2,11]]);

what does the 16/*1:0,0,0,0*/  mean?
I've never seen that before.

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