[OpenSCAD] How can I tell what OpenSCAD is doing?

Dan Shriver tabbydan at gmail.com
Sun Oct 9 12:05:03 EDT 2016

I know this is is somewhat of a bad question (because CGAL is a black
box...) but, even if the progress bar is a complete lie (which it usually
is for me) is there some way that I can tell that openSCAD is still doing
something and hasn't stopped?

I ask because I have some simple test code:

module testTorus() {
  for (i = [0:360]) {
    translate([(20*cos(i)),(20*sin(i)),0]) {
      rotate_extrude(angle=1, convexity=10){
        translate([20,20,0]) {

I ask it to run and I get "Rendering Polygon Mesh using CGAL..." and no
other indication that things are progressing and just want to be sure it is
still working.

Why am I doing things this very painful way when I could just
rotate_extrude through 360 degrees?  This is just a simple test case to see
if what I am doing will work.  When I actually implement things I will have
the different slices each be slightly different.
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