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Thanks for those hints. It makes more sense to me now with a few 
starters. Nice 2D editor. As well as the other features mentioned, I 
particularly like the two "handles" controlling the Beziers being 
independent at the point where they are created.  I don't like the other 
systems where the Bezier point has controls on either side of the point 
connected like symmetrical dumbbells. Plus the <scroll mouse>+CTRL 
provides a basic Zoom feature as well.


On 09/10/16 02:36, Carsten Arnholm wrote:
> On 08. okt. 2016 15:49, Jerry Davis wrote:
>> Carsten: Nice work documenting this.
>> I had no idea about the nice curving options.
>> You seem to know quite a bit about this tool:
>> Do you know what the button on the right does (brings up the url and
>> file option)? And how to use it?
>> How do you add points that you want to be in between two other points
>> instead of adding the point at the end?
> Hi Jerry,
> Well, I had not seen the tool before, I am just able to guess :-) Now 
> I guessed what the file option is all about: You are supposed to pick 
> up an image file to use as background for manual sketching.
> At first I tried an OpenSCAD source file ... I thought perhaps it 
> could read a polygon as well as write one, but then it complained that 
> the file I gave it wasn't an image. That gave me a hint it wanted an 
> image :-)
> So I tried the Ford logo image file (.png) and it worked
> https://gyazo.com/094c5662fa9aea39373a0b9b811d9c10
> The window that says "Paths" allows you to define several individual 
> paths (a.k.a. polygons) in the same sketch, click [New] to start a new 
> path. To do the Ford logo example manually it means 4 different 
> polygons/paths.
> - outer contour of the letter "F"
> - inner contour of the small loop in the letter "F"
> - outer contour of the letters "ord"
> - inner contour of the letter "d"
> So in theory you could sketch the logo by tracing the image manually, 
> but it gets complicated/tedious and inaccurate. It is much better to 
> use an automatic tool when possible. For simpler stuff I guess it 
> could work, or if the image is not directly suitable for automatic 
> analysis (some are not).
> Apparently, there is no way to use the GUI to add points in between to 
> other points, or at least I could not figure it out. You can always 
> insert the extra point by typing in the correct place in the tiny 
> "OpenSCAD code" window, then the curve will be updated correctly. 
> However, this to some degree defeats the purpose of the tool, because 
> you are then back to editing the source directly, just in a much 
> smaller window than usual....
> I also tried pasting polygon code from OpenSCAD into the code window, 
> but that failed when the coordinates were outside the window range, 
> the polygon builder does not fit the coordinates automatically, and it 
> does not understand scale() or other transformations. It just not 
> usable for too large or too small coordinates. It also turns out that 
> the definition of "too small" and "too large" is unclear, I opened the 
> polygon builder in Firefox on both Windows7 and Kubuntu 15.10, for 
> some reason the x-range is [-72,72] on Kubuntu and [-88,88] on Win7, 
> so when I copied a polygon from polygon builder from Win7 to Kubuntu, 
> parts of the polygon were hidden under the toolbox and I could not 
> reach it.
> It is a nice idea, but with clear limitations.
> Carsten Arnholm
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