[OpenSCAD] Fusion360 and OpenSCAD

Rob Ward rl.ward at bigpond.com
Fri Oct 7 21:02:43 EDT 2016

It looks very interesting, but I too find it of no use.  Is there a 
drawing package that is has been modeled on (that I obviously have never 
used before) that might explain how to use it.  The programmer seem 
assume a lot of prior knowledge, and experience. It just appears to 
randomly add points and lines once the initial line is drawn. Is it just 
a proof of principle, not a finished product?  Nice .js work all the same.


On 07/10/16 04:30, jon wrote:
> Thank you, Torsten, but this "tool" is not documented sufficiently for 
> me to even understand where to start.
> Jon
> On 10/6/2016 1:05 PM, Torsten Paul wrote:
>> On 10/06/2016 01:49 PM, jon wrote:
>>> Or a tool that allows you to position Bezier handles
>>> which are then converted to smoothed lines and then
>>> imported into OpenSCAD
>> Not integrated, but still nice way to just draw polygon:
>> http://daid.eu/~daid/3d/
>> source: https://github.com/daid/OpenSCAD-polygon-editor
>> ciao,
>>    Torsten.
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