[OpenSCAD] Fusion360 and OpenSCAD

Mark Schafer mschafer at wireframe.biz
Thu Oct 6 19:54:24 EDT 2016

potrace is an excellent tool for this and you can see a good example of 
its integration into inkscape code.

Which is where I use it to generate openscad files direct for export 
from vector linework. Of which inkscape is an excellent tool

On 10/7/2016 8:46 AM, Torsten Paul wrote:
> On 10/06/2016 09:17 PM, Carsten Arnholm wrote:
>> I had a quick look at the potrace algorithm now, since you
>> mentioned it. http://potrace.sourceforge.net/potrace.pdf
>> Nice paper, the approach is quite different from mine, but
>> some very good ideas there.
> Yeah, looks like both approaches give quite good results.
>> The potrace integration idea is nice but I suspect it might
>> be subject to difficult user issues if integrated too tightly.
> I think it's more a matter of scope. It's not intended to
> cover all possible cases giving thousands of parameters. It's
> supposed to "just work" for the simple/normal case. For
> everything more advanced, I agree that a separate, specialized
> application is a better choice.
> I do expect it to work well for simple scanned sketches and
> could reduce the effort to base a design on that quite a bit.
> ciao,
>    Torsten.
> ____

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