[OpenSCAD] Fusion360 and OpenSCAD

Richard Urwin soronlin+openscad at googlemail.com
Thu Oct 6 16:04:35 EDT 2016

frankv wrote
> OpenSCAD would need to monitor the "precompiler" source code, not the
> OpenSCAD source file generated by the precompiler, for your idea of
> automatically running a script beforehand. Or would the script generate a
> temp file to be read by OpenSCAD itself?


> It's already common for people to write Python scripts to generate
> OpenSCAD
> source. What's the benefit of yet another super-OpenSCAD language? Or were
> you thinking of something like the way PHP embeds chunks of HTML?

In this case, no; this would be a complete compiler, at least initially, for
my own delictation. Although I do have an application already written that
would do exactly that.

> This can be done now by using an IDE or something like NotePad++ to manage
> the source editing, and on command run the precompiler script to generate
> the .scad file which in turn would trigger OpenSCAD to reload it.

And I do elsewhere; save-make-run is a normal part of programming. It would
just be nice not to have to do it.

>  There's no need to see the ugly generated code... you can tell OpenSCAD
> to hide its
> editor window.

Doesn't everyone? ;) I was just pointing out how transparent it would be for
very little effort.

tp3 wrote
> The other option is to help making OpenSCAD itself better
> which will then can benefit everyone who uses it.
> Yes, it's more complicated to work together and find
> solutions that don't break existing stuff, and yes that
> can be frustrating at times, but there's also lots of
> things to gain.

Granted, and I might. But there are other gains in working alone on a
private project, such as not having to convince everyone you have a good
idea before you try it out and find it is rubbish.

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