[OpenSCAD] Fusion360 and OpenSCAD

Frank van der Hulst drifter.frank at gmail.com
Thu Oct 6 14:09:01 EDT 2016

Interesting idea, Richard.

A couple of thoughts....

OpenSCAD would need to monitor the "precompiler" source code, not the
OpenSCAD source file generated by the precompiler, for your idea of
automatically running a script beforehand. Or would the script generate a
temp file to be read by OpenSCAD itself?

It's already common for people to write Python scripts to generate OpenSCAD
source. What's the benefit of yet another super-OpenSCAD language? Or were
you thinking of something like the way PHP embeds chunks of HTML?

This can be done now by using an IDE or something like NotePad++ to manage
the source editing, and on command run the precompiler script to generate
the .scad file which in turn would trigger OpenSCAD to reload it. There's
no need to see the ugly generated code... you can tell OpenSCAD to hide its
editor window.


On Fri, Oct 7, 2016 at 6:30 AM, jon <jon at jonbondy.com> wrote:

> Thank you, Torsten, but this "tool" is not documented sufficiently for me
> to even understand where to start.
> Jon
> On 10/6/2016 1:05 PM, Torsten Paul wrote:
>> On 10/06/2016 01:49 PM, jon wrote:
>>> Or a tool that allows you to position Bezier handles
>>> which are then converted to smoothed lines and then
>>> imported into OpenSCAD
>>> Not integrated, but still nice way to just draw polygon:
>> http://daid.eu/~daid/3d/
>> source: https://github.com/daid/OpenSCAD-polygon-editor
>> ciao,
>>    Torsten.
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