[OpenSCAD] Fusion360 and OpenSCAD

Torsten Paul Torsten.Paul at gmx.de
Thu Oct 6 12:52:57 EDT 2016

On 10/06/2016 01:12 PM, Richard Urwin wrote:
> I was musing today on extending the language of OpenSCAD by
> writing my own compiler and outputting pure OpenSCAD code,
> much like early C++ compilers (properly translators or
> transpilers) output pure C code. That introduces another
> step where you have to write your file, translate it to
> OpenSCAD and then load the result into OpenSCAD.
Nothing wrong with that, people have done that before and
I guess there always be use cases where that's the best

But as always, I'm curious... Why? Which feature?

The other option is to help making OpenSCAD itself better
which will then can benefit everyone who uses it.
Yes, it's more complicated to work together and find
solutions that don't break existing stuff, and yes that
can be frustrating at times, but there's also lots of
things to gain. There's lots of effort going into making
OpenSCAD usable by providing ready to use packages (not
only those on the homepage, but also for lots of Linux
distributions), responding to issues here and on github,
documenting stuff and so on. So while writing code is
obviously an important part, all those other topics and
all the people helping with that are even more important
for an (open source) application to live on.

> So how would it be if OpenSCAD had an ability to watch
> the source file and then run a configurable script on
> it before loading the result of that script. There's
> various levels of doing that, from a script that is
> blindly run on all files, to something that can treat
> files differently based on  their extensions with macros
> for the filenames involved. A modular first hack should
> be simple to produce and then others with more interest
> could extend it as required and send pull requests.
I see how that could be a powerful thing, but also sounds
very much like a support nightmare (even without thinking
about cross-platform issues).


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