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Mon Oct 3 10:28:17 EDT 2016

Felipe Sanches wrote
>  the comparison to
> the "slave soup maker" is not fair, even if there's future economic
> activity based on your piece of freely distributed code (recipe).

Your soup recipe analogy fails because a recipe, in its fundimental parts,
would probably be subject to patent, not copyright. The expression of the
recipe on a page is of course copyrightable and by all means try selling
photocopies of Jamie Oliver's recipes and see where you find yourself.

It is a feature of copyright that a work created once can be monetized over
time. Nobody much argues against copyright in books or music, why would it
be a bad thing for software?
Software would never be profitable if the first sale ever made must pay back
all investment. They sell many copies and reap the profits over time. Few
people would argue that pirating music, video or books was legitimate.

Similarly, when I give away one copy of a work, I do not achieve much
increase in respect and I have not helped many people. It is only by giving
away many copies over an extended time that I achieve value. It is precisely
analogous to the monetary profit achieved by mainstream authors and

Let's suppose the slave in the kitchen made all the meals for a year and
sealed them away in a magic stasis bubble before a single customer received
one. The work has still been done and the value will still be received in
the thanks of the customers over that year. The fact that the work has been
completed does not mean that the creator has or should forfeit all interest
in it.

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