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Making soup is nothing like making software.

Once you wrote a piece of code (should I called it a "soup recipe" ?), it
is eternally useful - while probably also broken to some extent of course -
without the need for you to continue working on it. That specific version
can benefit people without any further input from you. So the comparison to
the "slave soup maker" is not fair, even if there's future economic
activity based on your piece of freely distributed code (recipe).

The comparison to soup making would be fair if you were talking about
software maintainance. I.e. if you were talking about a programmer who
continuously provides the service of tweaking, improving, bugfixing,
packaging, etc. For that kind of work there are indeed companies hiring
developers/maintainers/packagers and paying them to develop and maintain
free software. So, the "soup maker" is paid for the service of actually
preparing soup on a daily-basis. The obvious name that comes to mind is
RedHat. But there are plenty of other companies that also work that way

Off course, there must be plenty of soup makers in the world still
complaining that someone "stole their soup recipe". But that's not the

On Mon, Oct 3, 2016 at 7:59 AM, Richard Urwin <
soronlin+openscad at googlemail.com> wrote:

> nophead wrote
> >>because I don't want someone else making money from work I am giving away
> > free.
> >
> > Why? If you aren't intending to make money from it yourself, why stop
> > others?
> It's complex.
> I could say that if you were working in a soup-kitchen, you would be
> displeased to find that people were taking your food and selling it on. But
> software is not an expendable resource so the analogy fails. To reach the
> real argument we need to get into more esoteric language.
> The CC/GPL/whatever is the basis of a gift-economy. In such an economy,
> status is gained by giving stuff away. You see it in Beowulf, where the
> king
> gives his favoured warriors gold rings. I have put time, energy and
> expertise into generating a product with worth. It must have worth, or you
> would not want to use it. I give this away for no cost because it pleases
> me
> to help other people and in return I receive recognition. The people who
> receive it recognise that it is a gift with worth. The fact that it is free
> has value to me.
> So imagine that you were running that soup-kitchen in the basement of an
> apartment block and you hear that the landlord is advertising that the
> apartments come with a free restaurant and thereore gets more applications
> and can charge higher rents. You might feel that this is wrong. You might
> tell him that you are slaving away in that kitchen for hours and that work
> has a value that he would otherwise have to pay for. You would be happy to
> provide restaurant services to his tenents for a reasonable sum, and if
> they
> were to find their way to you on their own you would be happy to feed them,
> but he should not be making money off your free gift.
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