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Mon Oct 3 07:42:36 EDT 2016

Alan Cox wrote
> <pedant>
> CC is pointedly not that. It's a range of standardised licences that
> model typical internet use cases to make transactons and re-use low
> friction. That is why it includes CC-NC and the like. It spans everything
> from public domain (CC0) to commons (CC-SA) to non-commercial (CC-NC) as
> well as attribution/gift models.

Some people like to give anonymously. They still take value from their

Alan Cox wrote
> GPL is a commons economy which is not the same thing as a gift economy at
> all.
> </pedant>

While the GPL license doesn't forbid it explicitly, it is widely considered
the height of bad manners to remove an attribution from a GPL'd file.

The choice of the license is not a choice of economy; it is a pragmatic
evalutation of the forces at play in a particular scenario. I have certainly
used public domain when my input was low and I felt that demanding an
attribution would be burdensome. I still received benefit from that initial
post. I have used attribution-only licenses when my input was larger but
many of the users I wanted to benefit would  be commercial and, in so doing,
knowingly gave up any rights to profit. I have used BSD, GPL, LGPL, various
versions of CC and all-rights-reserved on a case-by-case basis in order to
protect my brand and intellectual property while benefitting the maximum
number of people. That is a gift economy.

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