[OpenSCAD] Fusion360 and OpenSCAD

Richard Urwin soronlin+openscad at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 3 05:19:26 EDT 2016

jon_bondy wrote
> After a while, I began to really 
> understand how more difficult OpenSCAD is than Fusion360 (and its ilk).  
> I think that showing them my complex script would only push them away 
> rather than draw them in.  This is due mostly to the large number of 
> translate() and rotate() invocations that are required to move the 
> various parts around to build the final object.

But once you have that complex script, changing bits of it such as the wall
thickness, the overall size or the number of doobries in the whatsit is a
simple editing exercise.

It can also be effectively held in version-control systems.

tp3 wrote
> Some of those with licenses that confuse me (e.g. what about people who
> want to use OpenSCAD to create a 3d printer design they want to sell. Are
> those people allowed to use the code from CC-NC
> tutorials?

The answer is to contact the author and ask them. Most of the stuff I
produce (nothing relevant to here yet) have CC_BY_NC licenses because I
don't want someone else making money from work I am giving away free.
However if someone wanted to offer me a reasonable cut, or if their case was
charitable or their use was negligable, I would be more than willing to give
them a commercial license.

mprogers wrote
> I'm teaching a course, Foundations of Computing, and my one indulgence is
> a module on 3D printing (which I have justified/rationalized because
> OpenSCAD is programming-based).

Have you considered that OpenSCAD is to all external purposes a Data Flow
language that bears striking similarities to languages such as SISAL? (In
fact making OpenSCAD more like SISAL would be wonderful -- there's more
orthogonality and more powerful structures there, but little chance of it

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