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Rob Ward rl.ward at bigpond.com
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Thanks for the encouraging response Torsten.  Over the next few weeks I 
will be following up last term's work and building on my small 
collection of 2 worksheets.  I am not full time and at the moment just 
finding out what depth of projects suits students. Plus building in a 
way for the teacher to monitor student's progress is also a useful 
addition (ie just adding sign-off points strategically placed in the 
document as the project is developed), and should not be obtrusive for 
someone doing self instruction.

I am hoping that we will be able to publish these in a wiki manner where 
they can be polished up by others as time goes on.  I can see parents 
being enormously impressed if their child began working productively 
with openSCAD, I know I would be (even though mine are now +35 years 
old, haha). I will need help with the publishing process to ensure this 
goal is accomplished.  I am not expecting many tutorials at this level 
will be required as once a child's imagination takes off, much of the 
existing helpful information will kick in.

Cheers, stay tuned,


On 02/10/16 07:28, Torsten Paul wrote:
> On 10/01/2016 11:02 AM, Rob Ward wrote:
>> So would these worksheets - come challenges, be a useful
>> starting point for beginners to see the potential of openSCAD?
>> I am happy to contribute my efforts so far and over the next
>> few weeks submit a few more???
> That would be awesome. Maybe it could be the beginning of
> a tutorial next to the manual?
> There are great resources scattered around on the web, as
> Blog posts or on Thingiverse. Some of those with licenses
> that confuse me (e.g. what about people who want to use
> OpenSCAD to create a 3d printer design they want to sell.
> Are those people allowed to use the code from CC-NC
> tutorials? What about Makerspaces wanting to use it in
> courses that have an entry fee? I don't know... ).
> I always wanted to get something like this going, but I
> don't have the didactic knowledge to give it a good
> outline where one topic leads to the next. This means I'm
> always getting stuck trying to sort the things to
> discuss. The quite sad looking page with some notes is
> gathering dust at
> https://github.com/openscad/openscad/wiki/Ideas-for-Tutorial
>> In short, should we have a "kids" section for openSCAD?
> Yes, please!
> We could start with a single page, similar to the tips &
> tricks page at
> https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/OpenSCAD_User_Manual/Tips_and_Tricks
> and start moving things to sub-pages once it grows.
> ciao,
>    Torsten.
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