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Rob Ward rl.ward at bigpond.com
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This is a curious challenge jon,

I am a retired (well almost!) teacher and I can see a lot of value in 
trying to encourage students with young agile minds to exercise their 
potential with this kind of thinking.  To me it a great fusion of 
abstract mathematics with reality ie  3D shapes and it can be printed 
out as an object.  The various arguments put forward about how to extend 
the language in a productive way always on these discussion groups, make 
very interesting reading to me, however my understanding of matrix 
algebra has always been primitive, so I get lost easily.  Thanks to all 
those who discuss and explore the many and varied topics at length.

I would like to encourage my current students to use openSCAD, and to 
that end, I will be producing a number of short tutorial work sheets 
that may be of use to other beginners, or maybe even people in Jon's 
situation, needing a starting point to introduce the benefits of this 
way of thinking at a very low entry point. So would these worksheets - 
come challenges, be a useful starting point for beginners to see the 
potential of openSCAD?  I am happy to contribute my efforts so far and 
over the next few weeks submit a few more???

I find openSCAD some what challenging like a crossword or a jigsaw 
puzzle, only at the end, one can print it out and have some of value at 
the end that is really unique!!!  Students respond very positively to 
this sort of thing.

In short, should we have a "kids" section for openSCAD?

Cheers, Rob

On 01/10/16 04:05, jon wrote:
> My local maker space (Generator VT) has been polite when I offer to 
> teach OpenSCAD, but the makers at Generator seem focused on Solid 
> Works and also on Fusion360.  Some of this has to do with "I need to 
> get a job so I need Solid Works credentials" and some has to do with 
> "I'm doing a complex build and need a bill of materials and other 
> features that Solid Works offers".
> I recently read a brief description of how to get started with Fusion360:
> http://bit.ly/fusion_intro
> I immediately set out to write a comparable OpenSCAD script, to show 
> them what the alternative was.  After a while, I began to really 
> understand how more difficult OpenSCAD is than Fusion360 (and its 
> ilk).  I think that showing them my complex script would only push 
> them away rather than draw them in.  This is due mostly to the large 
> number of translate() and rotate() invocations that are required to 
> move the various parts around to build the final object.
> I wonder whether there is any way to add facilities like "attach this 
> object to that one at the mid point" or "extend this object in the 
> positive X direction from the X surface of that object" to OpenSCAD.  
> That is, are there any lessons which we can learn in terms of 
> usability and/or convenience?
> Jon
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