[OpenSCAD] Qt5

Torsten Paul Torsten.Paul at gmx.de
Wed Jun 29 06:19:51 EDT 2016

Von: buttim <maurizio.butti at gmail.com>
> All the shortcuts requiring the user to press the AltGr
> modifier do not work. In the current version of OpenSCAD
> there are two of them if you are using an italian
> keyboard: zoom in and zoom out. I suspect many other
> keyboard layout do have the same problem
Yes, that seems to be tricky in some combinations. The
issue sounds like a variation of that one:


This might make it pretty much impossible to use the
AltGr modifier for anything unless it's actually
user configurable. Unfortunately I have not seen any
re-usable component or library to that yet, so we may
have to implement that ourselves eventually.


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