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buttim maurizio.butti at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 05:59:32 EDT 2016

My interest is on the Windows platform. I'm cross compiling on Ubuntu 16.04.
The problem regards keyboard shortcuts in the windows environment.
All the shortcuts requiring the user to press the AltGr modifier do not
work. In the current version of OpenSCAD there are two of them if you are
using an italian keyboard: zoom in and zoom out. I suspect many other
keyboard layout do have the same problem

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> Von: "Rogier Wolff" <[hidden email]
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> > No. this is not feasible. QT5 makes openScad unbearably slow when the
> > model becomes a bit complicated. This bug needs to be fixed first
> > before we can switch to QT5....
> >
> Can you clearify what you mean by that? What OS are you talking about?
> The only issue (as far as I know), that had anything to do with
> Qt4 vs. Qt5 is about the QGLWidget on Linux. This is fixed quite
> some time ago by switching to the new QOpenGLWidget provided in
> Qt5.
> AFAICS that fix is also backported to the Debian version in
> release openscad-2015.03-2+dfsg-1. I don't know how other
> distributions handle things.
> So there is nothing to fix at this time for any of the 3 supported
> platforms.
> There is still a general issue with big models as the OpenGL code
> is mostly using the old fixed OpenGL pipeline which is slow, does
> not use GPU accelleration and can cause high CPU load for models
> with lots of vertices.
> That's not a "fix" though, but a serious project to get the code
> updated to use more modern features provided by modrern GPUs/drivers.
> ciao,
>   Torsten.
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