[OpenSCAD] Close command

Michele Denber denber at mindspring.com
Sat Jun 25 13:36:29 EDT 2016

On 06-23-2016 9:51 PM, MichaelAtOz wrote:
> I'm not sure if it is in 2014.12.25 but current versions have an 'allow
> opening multiple documents' advanced preference.
> When set it operates the way you expect with multiple files, except closing
> the final document closes the program. Which is logical, as the graphic
> display window is undefined without a source file.
Yes, but that does not require exiting the program.  When you first 
start the program, the graphics window is blank until you start writing 
code and rendering.  This is the way Microsoft Word, CorelDraw, and 
Photoshop all work.  If you have one file open and click Close, the file 
is closed but the program remains running with a blank text or graphics 

That's the way every program I've ever used that offers a Close command 
works.  Closing the last file leaves the program running with a blank 
window ready to either open a new file or start creating a new 
document.  I submit that Openscad is non-standard in that regard.

             - Michele

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