[OpenSCAD] Compiling for Windows

Torsten Paul Torsten.Paul at gmx.de
Wed Jun 22 05:28:27 EDT 2016

Von: buttim <maurizio.butti at gmail.com>
> Your report will be greatly appreciated! I had some luck in the past trying
> to rebuild under Windows but am not currently able to do it.
That seems to be a different topic. What Jamie is doing is the same
way the official Windows binaries are built.
Those are created on a Linux system using the MXE build environment
(See http://mxe.cc/).

For "native" Windows compilation (meaning using Visual Studio and
friends) there is currently no known solution as we don't have
someone who works with that and could give a guideline.

What I tried successfully is building in the MSYS2 environment which
is basically a Unix environment layer on Windows. This is documented
in the manual:

This at least works with the QtCreator as IDE. I don't know if that
still works, but some people did use that procedure successfully in
the past.


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