[OpenSCAD] Unusual hull() and minkowski modelling

Parkinbot rudolf at parkinbot.com
Fri Jun 17 19:34:59 EDT 2016

It's also allowed to code the drop without the typo! Sorry, about that. 

> hull() { sphere(5); cylinder(12, 5, 0); } 

I agree, that it would be nice to have a mixed 0D, 1D, 2D, 3D world instead
of only 2D and 3D - which already comes along with a lot of crudities. But
this needs a well thought out approach and would be a step of very high
impact, also with respect to backward compatibility and general language
design. It needs all constructors, all operators, actually the whole
language revised. Possible, but who will work it out, who will implement it.
Maybe there are reasons, why it wasn't been done. One of it definitely might
have been simplicty.

But I perfectly well understand your point. No doubt, it has charming side:

You feed a hull with a couple of points, lines, 2D shapes and get a convex
3D shape hulling all of them. 
You feed a minkowski with two polygons - a nonclosed one and closed one - or
a polygon and a 2D shape and get a sweep. 
You feed an intersection with a 2D shape living in 3D and get a projection 
and so on. 

This might gain something, especially the sweep, but I doubt, we will ever
see it this way. Personally I would be happy with much less (get hands on
the f***g points and faces of an OpenSCAD shape, be it only 2D, or minimum
of imported STL and DXF), because I doubt, Minkowski will ever be fast
enough for somebody, who knows what he is doing. 

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