[OpenSCAD] Unusual hull() and minkowski modelling

Marius Kintel marius at kintel.net
Fri Jun 17 15:57:19 EDT 2016

> On Jun 17, 2016, at 13:29 PM, nop head <nop.head at gmail.com> wrote:
> Is 3D Minkowski still processed with CGAL? I think there was some work to bypass CGAL for hull and minkowski to speed them up in the convex case, which is simple and in the concave case I think it now does a convex decomposition and unions the results. The union will be done in CGAL and hence slow. Not sure as my memory is failing. 
We try to process 3D minkowski using convex hulls and convex decomposition. The hulls themselves are processed using CGAL (although not using Nef polyhedrons, it’s pretty performant). This is an optimization that ideally should already be done within CGAL.
Yes, unions are still slow.


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