[OpenSCAD] Evaluating imported STL's

doug moen doug at moens.org
Wed Jun 15 21:14:09 EDT 2016

Parkinbot said:
> minkowski(){
> A();
> B();
> C();
> ...
> }

> Imagine C() is not defined (missing library) and a warning is issued.
> the result then be empty? For what? For mathematical correctness?

What I personally want is this:

if C() is not defined, I want the evaluator to halt, highlight the
expression C()
in the editor, and display an error message, so that I can quickly fix my
and try again. I can't get a correct result if C() is undefined, so the
best thing
the system can do for me is help me to correct the error as quickly as

I don't want the system to keep going, making me wait for a bad result.

Also, mathematical correctness is a good thing.

Deliberately making the operations mathematically incorrect so that I can
get partial results because the system won't stop and let me fix errors
is not a good deal. I'd rather have mathematical correctness so that
my code works the way I expect it to in the case where there aren't errors.
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