[OpenSCAD] Evaluating imported STL's

username atex76 at shaw.ca
Wed Jun 15 02:07:21 EDT 2016

Hi everyone, first time poster here. Just learned about OpenSCAD and I really
like the concept, being familiar with coding it's quite easy to get the hang
of it.

Would like to create a batch script which would load and STL (no faults,
procedurally generated by another app), check for certain
features/measurements...append some geometry in function of those
measurements then save it back into an STL. Currently doing this manually,
which is time consuming given the number of models we have to go though.

Question is: are there any functions available to check where two objects
would intersect or collide ? I mean kinda like raytracing form a given
coordinate with a given vector and see where that ray would intersect our
loaded mesh ? Or is there any feedback I could use ?


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