[OpenSCAD] Please explain error I made on torus

John Tucker jart3 at verizon.net
Sat Jun 11 23:12:36 EDT 2016

Took a break to do something "arty" rather then my usual mechanical stuff. At 
the core was a torus that I defined as:

rotate_extrude(convexity = 10, $fn = 64)
translate([5, 0, 0])
circle(r = 1, $fn = 64);

Never checked the dimensions in blender and rest was visually scaled about the 
torus. Got the print back today and torus is exactly 2X too big.  I checked:
and see:
"d  : circle diameter (only available in versions later than 2014.03. Debian 
is currently know to be behind" 
Behind? I'm running Debian and so using OpenSCAD 2012.05.26 (maybe some decade 
they'll update).
The cross section diameter on the print is 4mm Dia., the OD of the ring =28mm 
and the ID=20mm and that makes no sense to me.
TIA for explanation.

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