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doug moen doug at moens.org
Wed Jun 8 15:18:26 EDT 2016

It's true that Automatic Load and Recompile let you use your favourite
editor, but the integration is incomplete.

My favourite editor lets me run 'make', collects the error messages, lets
me click on an error message and jump to the file and line where the error
occurred so I can fix it. The missing OpenSCAD features are:
* better error reporting when something goes wrong
* better error messages with accurate location information
* external editor integration so that my favourite editor can process the
error messages and let me jump to the error location.

I'm not sure how the third part would actually work. Anybody have
experience in this area?

On 8 June 2016 at 12:19, John Tucker <jart3 at verizon.net> wrote:

> Isn't this why F4 and  Automatic load and Recompile exist? Or have they
> disappeared as options?
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