[OpenSCAD] Abbreviations

maurizio butti maurizio.butti at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 04:18:08 EDT 2016

I often use the Scite editor, based on the same Scintilla component as
OpenSCAD. As such I am really missing a very good Scite feature:
abbreviations. I implemented (in a rather crude way) abbreviation expansion
for common OpenSCAD constructs. This should allow for really fast coding.
As a bonus I added folding toggle as a keyboard shortcut (CTRL+*, also
added to the edit menu as "Toggle current fold").

*How this works:
Type a single character abbreviation in the editor, for example "c". Then
hit CTRL+B. The typed character has been replaced by "cube([]);". The
cursor is now positioned after the open square bracket for you to enter the
cube's dimensions.

*Full list of abreviations (the | character is not included but shows where
the caret will be positioned):
c cube([|]);
d difference() {\n\t|\n}
f for (i=[|]) {\n\t\n}
i intersection() {\n\t|\n}
m module |() {\n\t\n}
r rotate([|]);
s sphere(r=|);
t translate([|])
u union() {\n\t|\n}
x ,center=true|
y cylinder(r=|,h=);
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