[OpenSCAD] Advice optimizing render for large object

Parkinbot rudolf at parkinbot.com
Mon Jun 6 20:39:37 EDT 2016

A union including about 3200 shapes will be very slow. OpenSCAD does not seem
to use any optimization for non-intersection arrangements. I did some
testing on that, and  results
were discouraging.

I just did some fast test also for your code, using the first 200 of your
polygons and measured how long F6 will take. It took about 80s, which means,
that with suspected O(n²) full rendering will take about 6h. 
BTW it is not worth investing this time, because I got (as expected): 

WARNING: Object may not be a valid 2-manifold and may need repair! 

This is because of numeric problems with shapes having closely adjacent
faces, not being matched exactly. 

Don't know how good your programming is. In cases like this, you always have
the option to compose the full shape on your own by use of polyhedron. This
means, you have to either retrieve or calculate neighborhood relations first
to be able to do the facing. 
I don't see more land with current OpenSCAD. What about using Blender? 

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