[OpenSCAD] Advice optimizing render for large object

MichaelAtOz oz.at.michael at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 19:15:33 EDT 2016

stuartlynn wrote
> Hi I am looking for some advice on how to optimize rendering on OpenSCAD.
> I am using geodata to produce a model of the US with counties heights
> sized by some associated value. Pulling the data from a database and
> generating the scad file using a python script. 
> It takes a really long time to render (I actually haven't see it complete
> yet) and I was wondering if I am missing some optimisation tricks. In
> particular the geometries for each county shouldn't overlap at but I worry
> that SCAD is trying to compute unions assuming that they do. 
> Would really appreciate any advice. 
> The scad file can be grabbed here :
> https://github.com/stuartlynn/data_sculpture/blob/master/us_model2.scad
> Thanks
> Stuart

Unfortunately, ATM OpenSCAD does a top level union of all objects.
There is a change in the system to stop that, but I doubt it will be any
time soon.

As you basically do many render() linear_extrude()  polygon(); there is
little to optimise. 

It may be worth trying the development snapshot, It will often be more
efficient than the official release, but not by huge amounts.

BTW, I have had renders of over 24hrs on complex things.

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