[OpenSCAD] puzzlecutlib rendering problem & STL export error Current top level object is empty.

Ronaldo rcmpersiano at gmail.com
Sun Jun 5 12:19:41 EDT 2016

I don't recommend the use of Sketchup. I had used it because I am used to it
and had not much experience with other tools. But it is cumbersome. I think
Netfabb should be the first choice. The site Torsten referred is easy to use
and the results are usually good. You always can submit the fixed part again
if the first fixing wasn't enough. I think that was my procedure. You should
try it. Meshlab is a big software with lots of options but requires some

Regarding your cuts: I understand that you want to puzzlecut the part at
that line in order to strenght the joints by the mounting bolts. But I would
not cut it upright like you did because the printing will require support to
deal with the notches when the part is laid down on the printer table. I
would cut it laid down so the notches goes vertically as Torsten's image
shows. Anyway, you should choose the cutSize and xCut1 parameters to avoid
interference with part features and thin surfaces. With cutSize=6, your cut
seems to work. 

I still think dovetails are a better choice. I did not understood what were
your troubles with them. 

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