[OpenSCAD] puzzlecutlib rendering problem & STL export error Current top level object is empty.

FourthDr who_doctor at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 5 01:00:00 EDT 2016

Hi Ronaldo:

Thanks for the fix. For future reference, what tools did you use to fix the
stl's? Other than netfabb/meshlab/sketchup are there any other useful
utilities you could recommend? You said yourself any one of those alone may
not find a problem or be able to fix a problem. Also, how did you actually
fix the stl files? Did you just use the automatic fix function or did you
have to go through a more elaborate repair procedure?

Now that I can actually render the files without errors, I have run into
another problem. The puzzlecutlib.scad simply slices the part in half and
places all the cuts on that one slice plain. It looks like I need some of
the cuts offset to avoid creating a thin peninsula in one area since the cut
goes the entire length of the width where I want to make a cut. Not sure if
I an explaining that clearly or not. See model.

puzzlecutlib.scad <http://forum.openscad.org/file/n17562/puzzlecutlib.scad>  

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