[OpenSCAD] puzzlecutlib rendering problem & STL export error Current top level object is empty.

FourthDr who_doctor at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 3 03:54:57 EDT 2016

Hi MichaelAtOz:

I've been searching around for something that can fix/repair SLT or the
original source format that the STL's for the mill came in. Not much luck on
the source files original format. But along the way I found an interesting
plugin for commercial CAD apps like AutoCAD and Solidworks etc. called
3dprinttech. Links below:


Unfortunately, it is 3 years old and has not been updated. The companies
website no longer has a labs sub-domain and you can only download it from
the AutoCAD app store. I'm not going to run out and buy AutoCAD obviously
for a plugin that probably doesn't work with the latest version.

Would be neat if OpenSCAD could do that. With the exception of also being
able to create connectors other than pegs as my printer doesn't handle small
hole/pegs/pins accurately enough for that to work.

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