[OpenSCAD] STL without render?

bsuter ben.suter at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 16:38:30 EDT 2016

> As pointed out above. Nophead's solution of "hull between spheres at
> junction points" is the least effort for speedup. You can set the sphere
> resolution low ($fn) for faster preview.

Thank you - preview is instantaneous (sub-second) for my current
solution (cylinders and spheres), but render takes 2.5 hours per
neuron (and I have many neurons to render). I will try the "hull
between spheres at junction points" and report back.

> The route best suited to your specific problem is extruding a cross sectiin
> along a 'wire' for which there is code linked above. You' d make many
> 'wires' and then skin them, finally union these together if you needed a
> single solid object.

What I don't yet understand about this solution is how the "joint" or
"junctions" are handled: does the extrusion "turn the bend", so to
speak, or does this solution still require additional spheres (or ?)
at the points where the wire changes direction?

Many thanks!

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