[OpenSCAD] feedback on "C-style for"

Torsten Paul Torsten.Paul at gmx.de
Thu Jun 2 14:12:48 EDT 2016

On 06/02/2016 01:50 PM, arnholm at arnholm.org wrote:
> This is true, it can defeat the noble objective of OpenSCAD
> being accessible to non-specialists.
It *is* used by non-specialists, looking at the various post
all over the internet. I believe it certainly should stay that
way. I don't think that means it's impossible to add some more
advanced features.

> About a year ago on this list, I stated that I thought the
> focus of OpenSCAD was too much on language definition
> compared to other functionality, and that this follows from
> the fact that OpenSCAD defines it own language syntax. To me,
> it seems this is still the case.
Based on what? There's quite some discussion on the list here,
and that's good. It's a big topic, so seeing different viewpoints
is nice. The work Doug does in writing down the ideas and
driving the discussion is just awesome.

As far as development goes, looking at the github history,
there's only a very very tiny effort to already include some
of the ideas that fit nicely into the existing code.

So I see only one "problem", the wishlist is very long compared
to the available development power. But that's just how things
tend to go with open source projects. There's a number of nice
things waiting to be finished, it's just taking time...


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