[OpenSCAD] STL without render?

Carsten Arnholm arnholm at arnholm.org
Wed Jun 1 15:16:55 EDT 2016

On 01. juni 2016 15:30, Ben Suter wrote:
> 1. Are there any other tools like OpenSCAD that I could try, that also
> allow declarative description of 3D surfaces using cylinder and sphere
> primitives together with geometric transformations? Maybe tools that
> use the GPU or multiple cores for the "render" step?

You could try http://arnholm.org/angelscript-csg-ide/

Be warned that the current public version relies on OpenSCAD to do the 
booleans, so you don't gain anything in speed that way.

I do have an unreleased test version that does not use OpenSCAD for 
booleans and that is much faster. But it isn't released at this time.

Carsten Arnholm

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