[OpenSCAD] STL without render?

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Wed Jun 1 07:36:48 EDT 2016

No you can only save an image from the preview. The geometry hasn't been
calculated at the point, just a picture of it using graphic rendering

On 1 June 2016 at 12:30, Ben Suter <ben.suter at gmail.com> wrote:

> Is it possible to save an STL file without going through the full render
> step?
> It frustrates me that I can *see* the surface model using "preview",
> but apparently can not simply save this as an STL file?
> Background: I am using OpenSCAD to generate surface models of neurons,
> because the ability to programmatically define 3D surfaces from a set
> of tapered cylinders closely matches the way in which neuronal
> geometry is represented when derived from experimental measurements.
> My goal is to make an STL file that I can use for 3D printing - I
> don't care about lighting, viewpoints, textures, colors. Just the pure
> surface model.
> Currently the render takes 2.5 hours per neuron, severely limiting my
> ability to process many neurons and making me doubt whether it's
> feasible for me to assemble a single scene with ~50 neurons (as I had
> hoped).
> In any case, I'm very happy to have found OpenSCAD and have to say
> it's been a great pleasure using it in my processing pipeline. Thank
> you, and please keep up the great work!
> PS: Currently my scene consists of a few thousand individual cylinders
> and spheres, each with its own translation and rotation relative to
> the origin. However, each of these segments naturally falls into a
> geometrical hierarchy - so alternatively I could represent the scene
> as a hierarchy of rotations and translations of each child segment
> relative to its parent. Is there reason to believe that the
> hierarchical representation (with few root nodes) would render faster?
> PPS: Here's the console output after my latest render - note this is
> on a 16-core Xeon / Windows 7 64-bit / 72 GB RAM / SSD / GTX 970
> machine. Are there any OpenSCAD settings I should modify to make
> better use of these resources?
> Geometries in cache: 6514
> Geometry cache size in bytes: 60051248
> CGAL Polyhedrons in cache: 0
> CGAL cache size in bytes: 0
> Total rendering time: 2 hours, 19 minutes, 58 seconds
> Top level object is a 3D object:
> Simple: yes
> Vertices: 490328
> Halfedges: 1703918
> Edges: 851959
> Halffacets: 730078
> Facets: 365039
> Volumes: 3
> Rendering finished.
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