[OpenSCAD] Can you suggest some libraries of standard geometry conversions?

ufomorace ant.stewart at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 20 19:46:14 EDT 2015


Thanks Andrew I was attempting to figure out vector3 to euler angles and
matrix conversions and i think i had found some previous matrix conversion
files of yours, and that's the aim of the topic, to be able to skip on the
time searching various libraries and converting C++ code to openscad code,
only to attempt a whimsical idea for a geometry experiment.

Torsten, Thanks for the resources, i'll add them onto the wiki maths
reference when i have a moment free. functions like Distance and vector3 to
euler angles are something everyone would know if they are available, it
saves so much time! I could find 15 of them in C++ and it would take me a
couple of hours to write them to a list and then 2 days to write them to
.scad code, so for that reason it would make sense, if there are 20-30
desireable geometry conversions to do it is much faster to slipstream a
library into the source code.

Runsun nice work it is very cool to have similar maths available when
searching for ways of doing a geometry task, because it can be various
different options, it makes a more powerful control over the pc to have
maths expressions always available. I will write a list of all the functions
i use often in C# here and from the previously suggested resources, matrix
quaternion vector conversions and rotations they are standard reference for

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