[OpenSCAD] graphics card speed in openSCAD

ufomorace ant.stewart at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 19 12:37:36 EDT 2015

Hi, i have noticed that sometimes my graphics card it going at 2 FPS when
displaying an assembly of 500 cubes inside 2-3 unions-differences. My
graphics card can display 16trillion vertices per nanosecond and and has
liquid nitrogen heatsink assembly. What is the speed because? Is the program
sending a giant raft of data to the graphics card on every frame? What is
the bottleneck due to? what are the codes in openscad that communicate with
the graphics card? is it DX or GL based? 

Please tell me where are the library functions that regulate the graphics
card vertices and array inputs? Is the entire coordinate system sent to the
graphics card and rotated? where is the camera object in the openscad code?
is it moving around the object? 

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