[OpenSCAD] What's your opinion on these criticisms of Openscad?

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review wrote
> review
> <http://www.circuitousroot.com/artifice/drafting/reviewing-the-options/index.html#openscad>  
> :
> In a programmatic system such as Varkon, if you have two entities which
> intersect and you want to position a third entity at that intersection,
> you just do it. There are routines in Varkon which take two entities and
> return their intersection in a form suitable for futher use. In OpenSCAD
> this is not possible. It isn't just that they haven't implemented the
> functions yet; it's not possible given the underlying system. It never
> will be possible. OpenSCAD itslef never calculates the geometry of the
> solid constructions, and has no conception of what an intersection might
> be. 

OpenSCAD has two ways to create shapes, one is the commonly used primary
shape modules like cube(), cylinder(), etc. The other is polyhedron in which
you can define points of your choice. 

It's true that OpenSCAD doesn't calc something like intersection using the
primary shapes modules, but you can always achieve this with polyhedron. In
my code, I'm doing the intersection all the time, line-line, line-plane,
plane-plane ... etc. I believe it's won't be that difficult to find
intersection of object. 


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