[OpenSCAD] Polyhedron tube with irregular sides -- is it possible ?

runsun runsun at gmail.com
Tue Sep 15 00:56:45 EDT 2015

Hi Don, interesting approach. I seem to read similar one when reading
Computer Geometry or something a while back, but can't recall what it's for. 

This approach seems to simplify the problem significantly. The
re-arrangement of points is not a big issue. 

On the other hand, for my application, it might bring up other problems.
What I show in this thread is an extremely simplified example. The actual
tube in my lib could be a complicated one with random curving, etc. To make
a holed surface on the end of a long tube with this approach, the entire
tube will have to be sliced apart. 

I also intend to use a holed surface as the merging face when cylinder of
different sides (in polyhedron) linked together. That is, to merge two
polyhedria. It will then be a budding, but not hole-punching/cutting,

Anyway, thx for the idea. I believe it'd turn out useful in the future
development of my lib. 


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