[OpenSCAD] Irregular mesh generated

Mark Schafer mschafer at wireframe.biz
Fri Sep 11 07:11:13 EDT 2015

Hi Kit,
I would suggest loading the stl into Wings3D and then selecting the 
useful faces to subdivide and add more faces/detail that way . Its an 
excellent watertight modeller.
1. Select all Faces, Untriangulate
2. Select a face, Select faces with similar area
3. do a sequence of inset, bevel ops until have desired density.
4. Export

However it can't read the stl variant that openscad writes :(
  - (OpenSCAD can read the watertight stl that Wings3D generates).
So if you wanted to use it you'd have to load it into something else 
first, then export as obj or stl and try another variant of the format.

I imagine Blender works as well... but not as familiar with the polygon 

On 9/11/2015 7:45 PM, kitwallace wrote:
> My apologies since this is only marginally an OpenSCAD question:
> I had the idea of creating more organic objects by algorithmicly generating
> models in OpenSCAD and then manually modifying them with Sculptris.   Aside
> from the need to convert STL to OBJ (why isnt OBJ exportable BTW?) , the
> models tear very easily.  This is probably because the mesh generated by
> OpenSCAD contains very irregular triangles. One test case is two spheres
> hulled, creating long connecting strips split into two skinny triangles.
> Can anyone suggest a way of remeshing to create a more regular
> triangulation.
> Chris
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